Thursday, 3 December 2009

Laser Cutting.

Here's a little snippet of my laser cutting work.
It was on fire.
But I love it.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Working progress.

This is officially my work's first little maiden voyage into the big bad world.
Tufted grass with free machine embroidered leaves.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Like breaking a bottle of champagne on my very own little boat

Hello world wide web,
I decided to get modern and get blogging. This little online gem is where I will predominantly be sharing some of my work with the world, which might I add, is an extremely terrifying prospect. I hate showing my own mother my work! Oh well, bite the bullet Maguire and pull your socks up.
I do feel it's about time I started putting myself out there. Networking and getting work exposed is priceless, especially in these scary economic climates. Not that this blog has any thing to do with making money! More so how I can improve my practice and grow as an artist/designer. That was so unbelievably corny I was almost sick in my mouth. Sorry.
But yes, prepare yourself for a whole load of textiley bits and bobs all up in your monitors. Prepare yourself however! I spend a large proportion of my academic life being very confused about what on earth I am doing- combine that with a temperamental sewing machine and poor time management (not to mention a side dish of severe dyslexia) you'll see some angry blog fireworks.
I'm off to listen to some soothing folk music and hopefully sew calmly.
Photo courtesy of the wonderful Chez Sucre Chez (amazingly cute embroidery)